Gateway AHD CCTV CCTV Camera Kit 16 HD Camcorder AHD KIT 7457 1.3 Mp (White)

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Product details of Gateway AHD CCTV CCTV Camera Kit 16 HD Camcorder AHD KIT 7457 1.3 Mp (White)

– AHD CCTV Camera 1.3 Mp 3.6mm Lens, IR Cut
– Record at 1280 x 1024 Pixels Real Time resolution of 16 cameras.
– stable operation with Linux operating system
– Recording settings Email alerts When there is animation Has a hand to conceal the camera or video loss.
– Shows a clearer picture over the HDMI port.
– Easy to use. Control via mouse, remote or computer.
– Image backup via USB Drive, USB harddisk, USB CD / DVD RW
– View live images, view pictures, save images via Computer and Smart Phone.
– Harddisk Hibernation technology to preserve the longevity of hard disk.
– 1 megapixel high definition image resolution digital signal chip. The image is clearer than the Analog 2x.
– Display bright, vibrant colors in the distance of 500 m. Realistic continuous shooting at 25 fps.
– 2.8-12 mm lens with a wide angle of 90-23 degrees.
– Look at the darkness of the distance of 40 meters with ICR technology to adjust the brightness of the image to clear day and night.
– Smart IR technology extends the life of the LED lamp for a longer time.
– 2D-DNR technology reduces noise in low light locations.
– The video signal is far 500 meters image quality is not reduced.
– Can be installed both inside and outside the building in accordance with IP66 standard, easy to use, suitable for condominium houses, general office stores.

This set has a self-installing cable.
It is a CCTV camera with BNC and DC to be finished. Where you can Install yourself Without having to hire a technician to do it. (Only buy HDD to fit!) Suitable for home or small shop. Available in several sizes. In a set of 20 meters 8-wire cable if the cable is not enough to buy more.) For example, if you want a length of 40 meters, choose a size of 20 meters, 2 rolls to each other. Without signal loss in any way. One is the video signal and the light is plugged into the camera. The other end of the line to plug it. DVRs and power adapters Then connect to the body. Another adapter Can buy PVC pipe for beauty.


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