Mastersat CCTV set AHD CCTV 1 MP 720P 24 points Super Save set!

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Product details of Mastersat CCTV CCTV AHD 1 MP 720P 24 points Super Save!

Mastersat CCTV set AHD CCTV 1 MP 720P 24 points Super Save set! It is clearer than the original version 800TVL installed on its own.

The product must be open 24 hours, so the product will deteriorate over time. If you buy a short-term insurance. Just a few months And if the problem is after the insurance. You will not be able to claim anything but throw it away and buy a new one!
So to eliminate such problems, CCTV Masterview is guaranteed. CCTV and DVR for up to 2 years! You can use it comfortably. Worried about broken machine. The repair shop can not find it, and the shop also has a service center for you to check or repair at any time so please remember that “buy CCTV must Masterview warranty 2 years full !!! ”
Do not worry when you are not home. To be a security guard for your home. Wherever it is, it can be viewed at anytime from a mobile phone. Your smartphone can be viewed on your mobile, notebook, PC, iphone, ipad so you have instant access to your viewing needs and up to 24 more cameras than any 16-point camera. general
– AHD CCTV Camera 1 MP 720p Lens 3.6mm, Led 36 pcs, IR Cut
– Recorders are available in three systems: Analog, AHD, IP Camera
– 720P Real Time recording support 4 cameras.
– AHD DVR recorder than full D1 or 960H.
– View mobile images on both iOs and Android.
– New version is P2P system without Forward Port.
– See your mobile, notebook, PC, iphone, ipad from anywhere in the world.
– One HDMI, one VGA with SATA Harddisk up to 3TB.
– Shows a clearer picture over the HDMI port.
– View live images, view pictures, save images via Computer and Smart Phone.
– 1 megapixel high definition image resolution digital signal chip. The image is clearer than the Analog 2x.
– Display bright, vibrant colors in the distance of 500 m. Realistic continuous shooting at 25 fps.
– Look at the darkness of the distance of 40 meters with ICR technology to adjust the brightness of the image to clear day and night.
– Smart IR technology extends the life of the LED lamp for a longer time.
– The video signal is far 500 meters image quality is not reduced.
– Can be installed both inside and outside the building in accordance with IP66 standard, easy to use, suitable for condominium houses, general office stores.


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