Wireless Cordless Smoke Detector Home Security Fire Alarm Sensor System

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This small gadget reminds the dangerous person far away from the field when the smoke is found. This product is named Photo Cat. (Detection) detects smoke by two infrared diodes. The principle of smoke detector can be small seeds. The reflection Infrared diode placed in a special room. Can protect the light from outside the room. But there is no effect on smoking in cigarette smoke. Infrared light diodes are very weak. When into the smoke Diodes get up When the density of the smoke reaches. Alarm detection can help. To reduce barriers and reduce The power to emit electrical signals is applied. Optional detectors for structural design and iris, dust mites, and anti-lightening detectors. Other features that are suitable for smoke detectors, homes, hotels, restaurants, offices, schools, banks, books, computers, and home computers. Warehouse, etc.


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